A Secret Core of Joy By Ellin Randel <more>

“I was lucky to find Trisha Thompson and Fred Levine. I had written the book, but a stroke intervened and I found myself with all the pages and no knowledge or energy to pull the book into shape. Fred and Trisha took over and with changing hardly a word they shaped it into a book to be proud of. It was a pleasure to work with them—they were always careful to suggest things that were in harmony with what I had written. It’s been my good fortune to find editors like that.”

—Ellin Randel, Sandwich, Massachusetts


Mabel’s Journey By David Mack <more>

“As a first time author, working with Fred Levine and the Small Batch Books team was both demanding and enjoyable. Guided by Fred’s knowledge and experience and drawing upon Small Batch resources, we were able to turn an ambitious manuscript into a solid book that makes me proud.”

—David Philip Mack, Washington, D.C.


Foodie Two Shoes By Zoe Messinger <more>

The book looks spectacular. We are all thrilled. Thank you so much for making this happen on time, and so beautifully.

—Sandy Solmon, Reading, Pennsylvania


Do You Know Things I Don’t Know? By Ellin Randel <more>

Our second collaboration with author Ellin Randel, a collection of prose poems and line drawings.


A Journey from The Chain Bridge to The Golden Gate By Agnes Biró Rothblatt <more>

“It’s your personal touch, your absolute personal involvement — from the rapid response you gave me at the beginning to being in touch regularly all the way through. And the phone calls, I have to say I loved our phone calls. The way you were always remembering my story and approached me like a friend. You took care to make me feel like what I was doing was important.”

—Agnes Biró Rothblatt,
San Francisco, California


haiku Emily! By Everett Decker <more>

“I wanted to find a way to make Emily Dickinson’s poetry a little more accessible and less intimidating, especially to those unfamiliar with it. I thought that if I could distill them into something a little more approachable, it might give readers an entry to the original work.”

–Everett Decker, Westfield, Massachusetts

Dickinson scholar Polly Longsworth calls Decker’s poetry “an amazing, brilliant body of work.”


Somewhere I’ve Never Been By Ellin Randel <more>

A second poetry collection and our third collaboration with Ellin Randel.


Goldie’s Story By Miriam Kelemen Solis <more>

“I am very happy with the way my book looks and reads. Since Small Batch Books published Goldie’s Story, I observed other self-published books and noticed a great deal of difference, detrimental to the other publications. I recommend them highly—they are truly exceptional in their output. Talking to them during the long process and getting the needed help made this venture a most pleasant experience.”

—Miriam Kelemen Solis, San Francisco, California


The Most Beautiful Song in the World By Alan Rimm-Kaufman <more>

“What impressed us most about working with Small Batch Books was their ability to envision what the final product would look like for us, their great aesthetic abilities, and their attention to detail. We handed them our cousin’s Xeroxed, stapled picture book, and they gave us back a beautiful family heirloom to remember him by.” —Scott and Lisa Chasan-Taber, Hadley, Massachusetts


From Neighborhood to Manhood By the Boys of Blue Hill Avenue
Edited by Arthur Bloom <more>

“My colleagues and I had labored long and hard to produce what was to us an important statement about our lives, and so we wanted a first-rate product, carefully crafted so as to represent the seriousness and quality we tried to bring to the manuscript. Fred Levine was terrific: responsive throughout and enormously helpful in pulling together the many diverse parts of a book. He made a potentially painful experience a pleasant one and I shall look forward to publishing with Small Batch Books again.”

—Arthur Bloom, Paris, France


Just This Morning By Gay Reynolds Paluch <more>

“Ginny (Midyette) and I had been thinking for ages about publishing a book. I had already written a series of nature poems, which she wanted to use as subjects for her watercolors. We just didn’t know where to turn until the day we read about Small Batch Books in the Springfield Republican. That was the beginning of our publishing Just This Morning. Trisha and Fred were personally involved in every poem and watercolor, advised us expertly on layout, and carefully researched to find the paper that would enhance text and illustration. As editors, they were encouraging and inspiring. Best of all they became our friends. We feel blessed by their talents and the love they bestowed upon our work.”

—Gay Reynolds Paluch, Monson, Massachusetts


Mapless in Dream City By Susan R. Horton <more>

“In over thirty years of publishing with both commercial and academic presses, I’ve never worked with a more professional or responsive staff. In their meticulous editing, their deep knowledge of the publishing world in general and in particular, in their careful attention to attractive layout and design, in their prompt setting and meeting of deadlines, and above all in their deft and sensitive attention to the author’s own vision of his or her book, no one exceeds Small Batch Books. I highly recommend them.”

—Susan Horton
West Harwich, Massachusetts


An Alpha-1 COPD Love Story By Sally Everett <more>

“I came to Trisha and Fred after exploring many other options, including the traditional publishing route. Thankfully, I chose them. For two years I had worked hard writing, editing, and re-editing my book. Trisha not only had the utmost respect for my voice, she enhanced it. Kudos to Fred for the photos and the cover. They are a terrific team and I highly recommend them.”

—Sally Everett, Longmeadow, Massachusetts


The Taber Family Haggadah <more>

“To our great joy and excitement, the Tabers both loved the Haggadah!!! People were entranced with looking through them. Thank you guys so very much for your expertise, advice, and talents.”

—Lisa Chasan-Taber, Hadley, Massachusetts